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Driving growth through smarter account management

What is the role of an Account Manager?

When I ask account managers this question during training they typically respond with service-related answers — providing excellent support, delivering an outstanding customer experience, or going above and beyond client expectations.

In fact, the vast majority (88%) of account managers believe that providing above-and-beyond customer service is the surest way to drive growth, but it isn’t.

Gartner analysis found that while high levels of customer service do increase the likelihood of retention, they have no statistical or meaningful effect on growth. 

This is because retention, renewal, and repurchase all involve asking customers to commit to the same thing again, whereas account growth requires reps to convince customers to do things differently by buying new or different products. 

These are strikingly different conversations.

How do you have this kind of conversation?

Focusing on customer improvement.

Customer improvement means focusing your account management strategies on delivering valuable insights and a unique perspective on how you and your customer can work together to grow their business now and in the future. 


The goal of our World-Class Account Management training is to help you develop the right skills and confidence to have conversations focused on customer improvement.

"World-Class" Account Managers need to adopt new skills in team building and revenue forecasting and adapt their skills in relationship building and information gathering to a COVID world.

With our training, videos and tools, your AMs will deliver customer improvement to your clients so you achieve the results you seek from your Account Management strategy.

We break this down into four key topics:

  1. Introduction to Being a World-Class Account Manager: Account Managers will learn how to implement a customer improvement strategy that will drive sales growth with existing customers.

  2. Striking the Right Balance: Revenue vs. Services: Account Managers will learn the framework for breaking down account revenue goals to achieve sales growth, client improvement, and increased retention.

  3. Navigating and Expanding Your Account Relationships: Account Managers will learn how to score current account relationships, map accounts for expansion opportunities, and create the right communication cadence with internal teams and external clients.

  4. Delivering on Operational Expectations: Account Managers will learn the process for measuring account health by focusing on customer improvement vs. customer satisfaction and how to identify, develop, and execute on growth opportunities within their account base.

How it works

Prep Work (Read + Watch + Do)

You'll get something to watch, read, and do in advance of our virtual workshop. This will be delivered via a training landing page. Each item complements the content of the training and helps accelerate learning.

  1. Read - You'll get a timely and relevant article or whitepaper.
  2. Watch - You'll get a 5-10-minute video that summarizes the training topic.
  3. Do - You'll get a short assignment to complete and submit before  the virtual workshop.

This accelerates the pace of learning by allowing for more time to practice and role play during the training workshop.

Read Watch Do Icons

Virtual Workshops (Presentation & Practice)

Virtual workshop training time will be used to review, discuss, and apply the prep work shared in advance of the workshop. 

  • Virtual workshops are 90-minutes
  • There will be breakout rooms for teams of 10 or more
  • Workshop time will be spent on role play practice and discussion

1:1 Coaching (Personalized Feedback)

Personalized coaching time will be used to review assignments, strategize accounts, and provide feedback.

We will create blocks of “office hours” so you can sign up for one-on-one time that fits within your daily schedule.

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Ready to make your Account Management Team World-Class?

Contact us for more information and to see how we can personalize a program to fit whatever you're looking to accomplish.