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Why Virtual Sales Coaching? 

The challenge with sales training has always been how to deliver affordable, yet personalized training and coaching to an entire sales team with different needs and skill levels? 

Training should be about you and your unique needs.

That's why The Virtual Sales Coach delivers ongoing, personalized training that’s reinforced and supported in a virtual environment that allows salespeople to learn, practice, and apply their skills.  





How it Works

Kick Off
  • To introduce the program and define your goals, we will host a kick-off call to set expectations about your role and how the program works.
Virtual Coaching Email
  • Each month, you receive coaching guidance based on your goals.
  • Their coaching emails will suggest what to watch, read, and do in order to develop and improve.
Access to Training Hub
  • The hub will host a series of videos, articles, discussion prompts and activities to engage with.
  • You can add your own company specific material, or if required, use your own LMS.
Ongoing Training Webinars
  • Learning continues throughout the year via ongoing webinars for questions and support as well as to help reinforce key concepts and best practices.
Personalized Coaching Time
  • We will coach individual sellers and/or managers.
  • We create and follow a coaching plan based on your goals and skills.
  • Sessions focus on strategizing specific sales opportunities; building a prospecting action plan; building a path to your goal within your CRM as well as best practice coaching tips for managers.