Reimagining Your Sales Kickoff


Taking Your SKO Virtual

Let's face it, 2020 forced everyone to change the way they do business. Ourselves included.

We want you to forget everything you thought you knew about sales kickoff meetings and let us help you reimagine how to deliver an amazing experience for your team.

No one, especially your sales team, wants to sit through an all day Zoom meeting where there's one speaker after the next.

They're craving connection. They're eager to engage. They need interaction. 

Are you prepared to deliver on that?

A sales kickoff, or SKO, is a valuable opportunity to acknowledge your team’s efforts over the past twelve months and hone in on ways to increase their sales success in the year to come.

There are 3 pieces to perfecting your virtual SKO:

  1. Come Prepared - Participants get materials to read, watch, and do in advance. This reduces the amount of time spent on lecture and allows more time for discussion and role-play.
  2. Content - The right content and topics are critical for success. We help you focus on selecting content that's timely, relevant, and immediately actionable.  
  3. Conversation - One of the best ways to generate new ideas and get motivated is by talking to your peers. We will help foster conversation by starting discussions and practicing essential skills through role-play and breakout exercises. 

Keynote Speaker

Looking to fill a spot on your agenda? We've got JUST the speaker for you. With years of experience helping sales organization, and a background in comedy, you're sure to laugh and learn.
Meet the speaker

SKO Accelerator

Need more than just a keynote speaker? We've got you covered. Your sales team will get multiple virtual workshops with materials to read, watch, and do in advance.
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Custom Program

Want something different? No problem! Every training engagement begins with extensive due diligence. Whatever you're trying to accomplish we will work to deliver just what you need.
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Keynote Speaker

Steve Bookbinder, CEO & Lead Trainer

Steve is renowned trainer, coach, and sales expert who helps businesses from around the world increase confidence and improve performance.

As a business owner and salesperson, himself, Steve knows the trials and tribulations of driving business and sales results. Throughout his 30+ year career in sales, sales management, coaching, and training, he has observed first-hand the best practice strategies, tactics, and habits of top performing businesses and salespeople, globally.

Here's a sampling of kickoff topics Steve has delivered in the past:

  • Creating a Breakout Sales Year
  • How to  be Your Own Sales Coach
  • Developing a Sales Action Plan
  • Building Your Ideal Pipeline

SKO Accelerator

Delivering ongoing sales success

Sales kickoff meetings are typically a one-off event that's great for getting your team excited for the coming year, but when all is said and done, how do you keep the momentum going? 

Accelerate the success of your SKO with:

  • Kickoff session by Steve Bookbinder
  • (3) 90-minute virtual training workshops to reinforce SKO content
  • 1:1 coaching sessions for personalized support and feedback
  • Online course (read-watch-do) to enhance your learning experience

Custom Program

Personalizing your sales success 

Your sale is unique. That means you need to create and deliver a sales kickoff program that's exactly right for your team's selling situation. We help you do that by:

  • Getting to know you through our due diligence and discovery process
  • Building a custom program that aligns with what you're trying to accomplish

Ready to go virtual?

Contact us for more information and to see how we can personalize a program to fit whatever you're looking to accomplish.